team building activities
Fun and Relaxing Team Building Activities…

We have over 25 years experience of professional design, craftsmanship and teaching. We are therefore perfectly placed to provide an informative, fun and relaxing environment for you and your team. Enabeling you to explore and share new experiences together.

At, no two days are the same…
We want to awaken that same sense of freshness in you and your team. So we begin by creating an event designed around your own particular needs.
Break the mould and experience one of our team building activities over a couple of hours.  Choose from a range of creative activities that include pottery, water colour painting, silversmithing and even a little magic!
Alternatively why not combine your preferred team building activities and build a unique creative team experience? This could run over one day or even more.

A shared sense of achievement with a few laughs along the way…
Everyone thrives on achievement. Exploring a new creative activity together therefore provides the ideal opportunity for everyone to learn, grow and support each other. Team building activities like Pottery and Crafts are the perfect way to express your individuality.  There really is no right or wrong way to be yourself. Creative activities allow you to experiment, take chances and more often than not, make each other laugh.
As a result they are an enjoyable and positive experience.

Some of our Team Building Activities
  Pottery 1/2 Day – inc The Potters Wheel
  Pottery Full Day – inc The Potters Wheel
  Circus Skills Workshop
  Stone Carving
  Magic Workshop
  Glass Fusing
  Paper Sculpting
  Archery handout