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We chose the pottery because, having already done it, I thought it was excellent which is cheating a little I think.
However, we were looking for an activity suitable for all levels of fitness etc. I had someone who was heavily pregnant (although she couldn’t attend in the end as she had her baby), someone with a long term shoulder injury, another person with ankylosing spondylitis and one with a back injury. I also wanted something creative as I believe that this opens people’s minds and allows them to think creatively about issues they face every day rather than looking to the same solutions they always do. Additionally, we did not have anyone experienced in pottery making which allowed everyone to move out of their comfort zone and learn something new.
The reason for choosing you was the surroundings which are beautiful and peaceful. Often taking people out of their normal environment makes them see things differently. I wanted them to be able to relax and enjoy the activities.
In terms of outcome…
Everyone loved the event and still talks about it now. People’s creations are all on their desks and everyone was so excited when they arrived. I had a few people attending because they “had” to but they really enjoyed it too. The team has been stronger since as we were having problems with personality clashes and I think that recognising different skills from some unexpected people really helped. The food was delicious and it was all so well organised.

“Hi Andrew,
The pottery masterpieces just arrived. They are fantastic! Thank you very much. The day was brilliant and seeing them done (and painted!) look even better. It is a very great feeling. Any chance I can start a career in pottery? Give me a shout if you need to employ  someone! Thanks a lot for everything. Ciao, Marco – Shell”

“Hi Andrew
A big thank you to you all for yesterday. Everyone who attended really enjoyed the event, I even had comments ‘that this had been the best ever team building event’ and if you knew our team well that is one huge compliment!! The day ran really smoothly, instructions were clear, food was lovely and the playing of the ghost music when our boss went on the potters wheel was brilliant. We can’t wait for our pots to arrive now I’m sure they’ll be another day of laughter when they do Thanks again Deborah – Yorkshire Water”

“We held the prize giving today, very amusing and more good team building based on the event!”

“Hi Andrew:
Just to let you know the pots/tiles have arrived. They look great and everyone is really pleased with the way they have been glazed. I know that everyone really enjoyed themselves – they are still talking about it 3 weeks later so that says it all! The arrival of the pots has just confirmed what fun they had! I will pull out some photos and send them to you shortly. Please feel free to use a quote in your advertising – I think most of them were complimentary!! By the way I found your company on the internet and would be happy to recommend you to other companies thinking of arranging a similar event. Once again, very many thanks. Kind regards Sue Fairman – IMS “

“Afternoon Andrew
Thanks again to you all for the day. The only comments I have received have been positive – we had a great day and everyone really enjoyed being able to use their creative skills. Debbie was very patient with us all and accommodated all our needs !! Philippa – United Biscuits”

“Hello Andrew
I would like to again extend our thanks to you all for our superb afternoon at Potters Barn. The team were delighted, it was an excellent experience for our international visitors and they have been reviewing the photographs of their ‘masterpieces’ again this morning!! I won’t hesitate to recommend your venue in the future if the opportunity arises. Kind Regards Jackie Williams – Shell”